Our first project with Giant Squid has been released on PlayStation and Steam. You can now play another groundbreaking work of art from Matt Nava, the creative force behind the look and feel of JOURNEY, Sony’s fastest selling downloadable title.

Set in a mesmerizing underwater world, ABZÛ will take players on an epic adventure into the depths of the sea, where they will encounter majestic creatures and discover long lost secrets. With Ab meaning ‘ocean’ and Zû meaning ‘to know’, the game takes its name from the Ancient Mesopotamian word for a mythical Ocean of Wisdom.

For more information on Giant Squid and their partnership with The Ink Factory, please visit: www.giantsquidstudios.com

For more information on ABZÛ please visit www.abzugame.com

You can download ABZÛ on the PlayStation Store or on Steam,