It’s 2028 and in a riot-torn Los Angeles one safe space remains – the HOTEL ARTEMIS – but how safe can you really be in a secret hospital for criminals?  The covert medical facility catering to a wealthy underworld clientele hidden on the penthouse floor of a once glamorous hotel is about to be attacked from within…

The ultra-exclusive members-only hospital has been run by the tough, sharp and utterly fearless, Jean Thomas aka THE NURSE (Jodie Foster) for 22 years.  The Artemis treats an assortment of assassins, gunrunners, thieves and gangsters in an unexpected state-of-the-art emergency room capable of providing a new liver with a 3-D printer or injecting a patient with advanced nanytes that heal from the inside out.  With the help of her towering orderly EVEREST (Dave Bautista), The Nurse wrangles some of the most dangerous criminals in the world, from mysterious French assassin NICE (Sofia Boutella) and smart-talking international arms dealer ACAPULCO (Charlie Day), to bank robbers WAIKIKI (Sterling K. Brown) and his brother HONOLULU (Brian Tyree Henry).

One night as a violent riot rages on the streets of Los Angeles, crime boss Orian Franklin, aka THE WOLFKING (Jeff Goldblum), and his son CROSBY (Zachary Quinto) arrive needing immediate treatment after a failed attempt on Orian’s life.  The mobster’s sudden arrival creates a violent clash among the criminals, with one ‘patient’ having a particularly deadly motive for checking in.  The Nurse makes a decision that could jeopardize the future of the ER and everyone in it. Now the safest place for criminals in the city has become the most dangerous.

Written and directed by Drew Pearce, HOTEL ARTEMIS is a razor-sharp, action-filled crime thriller set in a rich and brilliantly imagined Los Angeles of the near future.

In US Cinemas June 8th.