In Cairo at the height of the Arab Spring, hotel night manager Jonathan Pine receives a plea for help from the beautiful Sophie Alekan. As the mistress of the powerful but dangerous hotel owner, Sophie has evidence of an arms deal that could help crush the popular uprising. Compelled to do what he thinks is right, Pine makes contact with his friend at the British Embassy. But his actions unwittingly draw him into the terrifying world of ruthless arms dealer, Richard Roper. When Sophie’s information makes its way to Angela Burr, a government anti-corruption agent intent on bringing down Roper’s empire, a leak in her network triggers a chain of events that end in tragedy.

Three years later, when their paths cross again in Switzerland, Pine sees his chance at revenge. He makes contact with Angela Burr and together they make a plan to bring down Roper’s operation from the inside. Pine earns Roper’s gratitude when he saves Roper’s young son from a carefully orchestrated ‘kidnapping’, almost losing his own life in the process. Pine gains the confidence of Roper’s inner circle, and supplants his consigliere Corkoran to become Roper’s trusted aide.

When Pine gets the inside track on an imminent major arms deal, it’s time for British Intelligence to move. But in doing so the Achilles heel of the operation is revealed. Roper’s tentacles extend deep into the secret service and Pine’s identity is compromised. Having lost contact with his allies Pine must survive on his wits in a struggle with his sworn enemy, whilst his handler Burr must weigh up the value of one life against the struggle to take down a criminal with so much blood on his hands.